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​Therapist introduction

Nice to meet you. I'm Eri, the owner and therapist of salon Tsumugi.

When it comes to private salons, the first time you use them, you may feel more excited than excited.

I think there’s a lot of anxiety.

In order to ensure that you can visit our store with peace of mind, I would like to tell you about myself.

Let me tell you a little bit.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us a message using the contact form.


Born in Aomori Prefecture

Since childhood, due to my parents' work, I have lived in many different environments in Japan, from as far north as Hokkaido to as far south as Fukuoka.

A lot of cultureI grew up interacting with these people (^^)/









about me

As a therapistUntil now

Therapist experience: 13 years

Due to an injury sustained during club activities in his school days, he was forced to stop playing his favorite sport.

The experience that led to me giving up led me to

Someone says, "What do you want to do?"" "Good luck"Things I want to do" and "Things I want to achieve"

So that you can give it your all without worrying about your physical condition.

I wanted to provide support, so I decided to become a therapist.

She started working at a relaxation salon in Tokyo.

After that, in order to learn more about the body and treatment knowledge and techniques,

She changed jobs to a salon in Chiba Prefecture that offers both treatment and relaxation.

From treating athletes to caring for the elderly,

I learned a variety of approaches.

After that, I had the opportunity to go to Europe.Immigration.

I worked as a massage therapist and salon manager for 7 years.

Japan, Europe, Asia, the Middle East... There are many different bones and muscles.

Athletes, musicians, actors, etc.There are many different occupations and ways of using one's body.

Each of your worries andTo meet the needs of our customers,Tile

We have been flexibly adapting and brushing up on our technology.

August 2023. Return to Japan.

October Relaxation & conditioning salon Tsumugi opens

You really love giving massages.

This is the happiest comment I've ever received from a customer.

Because I love it, I feel really frustrated when I can't receive a satisfactory treatment.

I would be really happy if you enjoyed it.

I hope that my love will continue to be conveyed.About

Sincerely serving each and every customer,

I would like to value treatment that comes from heart.

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