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​If you have any questions regarding the treatment, please feel free to contact us.

​It may not be possible to check messages immediately during treatment.

If you need to make a reservation quickly, please use our convenient online reservation service.

Opening hours

9:00-22:30​ (last admission 21:00)

Salon LINE icon/neck and shoulder stiffness/lower back pain relief/posture improvement/eye strain/detox/chiropractic/lymphatic massage/maternity massage/oil massage/head spa/Kagurazaka/Iidabashi/Edogawabashi


・You can use cash, various credit cards, transportation cards, ApplePay, and other electronic money.

​ *We do not currently accept payments via PayPay.

​Salon Location

162-0805 34 Yaraicho, Shinjuku-ku PINO Kagurazaka B

​【Very close to Yarai Park】*There are many paid parking lots nearby

Subway Tozai Line "Kagurazaka Station"5 minutes walk from

​8 minutes walk from Ushigome Kagurazaka Station on the Oedo Subway Line

12 minutes walk from Edogawabashi Station on the Yurakucho Subway Line

👣Access from Kagurazaka Station

From the Yaraicho exit, go straight along Ushigome Chuo Dori for about 2 minutes. Turn right at the corner after passing Shinchosha. Go straight for about 150 meters past Yarai Noh Theatre and turn right at the end of the road.

You will see the entrance to PINO Kagurazaka, where the salon is located, about 10 meters ahead on your left.

​*If you get lost, please contact us at 080-7487-0025.

👣How to enter the salon👣

➡Please refer to the image.

The salon entrance and intercom do not face the street.

Follow the PINO Kagurazaka sign and follow the slope leading into the building. (Photo ②)

There is a gate on the left and an intercom in front of it. (Photo ④)

Please ring B. We will come and pick you up.


This is a completely private space, so please arrive earlier than your reservation time.

Sometimes we may not be able to let you into the salon.

​We would appreciate it if you could arrive exactly at your scheduled appointment time.

Access/Stiff neck and shoulders/Improve lower back pain/Improve posture/Eye strain/Detox/Chiropractic/Lymphatic massage/Maternity massage/Oil massage/Head spa/Kagurazaka/Iidabashi/Edogawabashi


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